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Equator experience in Uganda

The Equator line crosses into Uganda at Kayabwe in Mpigi district, 72 kilometers from Uganda’s capital Kampala. The equator is perpendicular to the earth’s axis of rotation and it also contains the earth’s

2 Days birding in Entebbe

This birding will be done in Entebbe and Mabamba swamp in Uganda. This birding safari will first take you to Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre. UWEC is popularly known as Entebbe Zoo, is a

African fruit Bats

After rodents, African fruit bats are the most numerous mammals on earth. These bats fall into two major categories: large fruit bats and smaller, insect-eating bats, neither of which attacks people. In addition

1 Day Mabamba Bird Watching

1 Day Mabamba Bird Watching 1 day Mabamba bird watching tour happens in Mabamba swamp a natural home for Shoebills and one of the Important Birding Sites in Uganda. For birders, this is an


QUEEN ELIZABETH NATIONAL PARK Queen Elizabeth National Park also known as the “Medley of wonders”, is one of Uganda’s most popular savannah parks. It has the widest variety of wildlife of compared to

Mabamba Swamp in Uganda

Mabamba Swamp in Uganda Mabamba is an exciting travel birding and biodiversity destination that sits on an estimated area of 2424 ha. It is basically a prime wetland birding site located on the